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Welcome to Anxiety Release, the home of a brain-based approach to overcoming anxiety. Based on EMDR, Anxiety Release works by stimulating the brain with bilateral stimulation (alternating audio and/or visual stimuli ), which captures attention processes and diverts emotional resources. Because this kind of stimuli appeal to areas of the brain involved in sensory processing, the same areas of the brain responsible for anxiety, change tends to happen more easily than some other methods.

Here you will also find information about anxiety, who it effects, how it’s produced by the brain and how to harness this knowledge to overcome anxiety.

This website is also home to Android and Apple/iTunes versions of the Anxiety Release app which shows you how to release anxiety using sensory and auditory bilateral stimulation.

Because bilateral stimulation appeals to the unconscious, sensing part of the brain, there is no need for effortful thinking or struggling with feelings. All you have to do is LISTEN and your brain will do the rest!

These Apps consists of;

1 x brain training session 2 x guided anxiety management sessions

1 x pure bilateral stimulation session (audio & visual)

1 x safe place exercise Progress Log function Powerful Bls brain visual

These Apps are suitable for both clinicians and clients.

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Anxiety Release based on EMDR now available for Android

The Android version of Anxiety Release has just been made available in the Google play store. You can download it here.

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This website is brought to you by Mark and Ana Grant, clinical psychologists based in Melbourne Australia. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or for a consultation at

Anxiety Release for Android

The Anxeity Release App based on EMDR

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